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Thursday, October 20, 2016

300 people rock at Caligari Project events tonight at MAG

The Caligari Project had another really amazing night. The Filmpool screening was at capacity with standing room only in their 180 seats theatre. The rest of the "hoard" (the security reported that they counted 299 people in attendance) were milling about in the galleries, awaiting the Prairie Puppet Underground sideshow. Chrystene outdid herself with a new persona (missed his name) who was constantly repairing the intricate and frightening fortune telling machine. Berny's Noserfatu single person puppet theatre was very cool, as was Kenn's gear based display of wonders. The Fiji Mermaid was over the top creepy. Sylvie's "Man Eating Chicken" was hilarious, as were Terri's cat tricks, and Rowan did some wonderful work with marionettes. I was able to build a suitcase film theatre for single viewers to see the world premiere of my new film "Testament of Frankenstitch".

have monster, will travel

To find out what sort of monster is in this suitcase, come out to the MacKenzie Art Gallery tonight for film screenings and the magical puppet side show, all in homage to German Expressionism. Doors open at 6:30. Films from 7::00-8:00, sideshow following. It is also a great opportunity to see the exhibition of expressionist works up in the gallery, mostly on loan from the WAG. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Christina, Chrystene, and I talk publicly on Expressionism

It was the final night of the Expressionist speaker series, capping it all off with Chrystene Ells and myself talking about the role of filmmakers working in this mode long after the original expressionists are gone. Christina Stojanova then discussed Jung and shadows, projections, and other insights into German Expressionism. Great evening with lots of questions. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Helen Pridmore and German Expressionist Emancipation of Dissonance music

Cool evening of music tonight as Helen Pridmore performed selections of early 20th century German Expressionist era music. Wow. I have no words to describe it. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Andrew Burke, key note speaker on Guy Maddin

Andrew Burke's key note address was really great this evening. He talked about Guy Maddin, focusing primarily on "Careful" and "Cowards Bend the Knee". The crowd was smaller but it was fantastic that the Dean came and introduced him. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Happy Birthday Margaret

Happy Birthday Margaret. It was certainly an out of the ordinary day. Breakfast in bed for you was partially for love and partially to distract you from my suitcase projection project covering the kitchen table. The three of use each ordered the stack at Hunters and Gatherers, which was quite filling and kept us sated until after the concerts. Oh yeah, that is what else happened! We had the big "Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" screening with music at the Conexus. Something like 435 people (including the comps) were there.  Everyone had a blast. Mooky took this picture of us outside after the show with the near-full moon. 

Rehearsed and ready of Caligari

Victor Sawa and the Caligari Orchestra rehearsed with full tech on Saturday at the Conexus (or as I still call it: "The Centre of the Arts") and it looks great. Tickets are still available for the screening of "Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" for Sunday night. Again, and I can't say this often enough, this is a one time only thing and it will be cool. Try to come.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Jellied salads at mom's church supper

One entire table was dedicated to jellied salads at mom's church fowl supper. Of course there was turkey and other fixin's. I was ravenous and ate two full plates. The only unfortunate thing was that we were in the last sitting and the only pie remaining was pumpkin, which I'm not fond of. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Trunk screening "room"

It is hard to believe that I just started another project with a short deadline that I have a limited skill set in. Ug. I've purchased an old trunk and am building it into a personal video viewer for next Thursday. I think the aesthetics of the rust should help. I had originally thought I'd be getting a cleaner trunk and would have to age or modify it to fit the scene, but I fortunately go one that will be usable "as is". Lots of work still ahead.